An Unreliable Test?

Personality tests claim that a person’s disposition is composed of certain individual traits and tendencies. Just like any other personality test, they are not all completely reliable…which makes many (including me) skeptical. 

All personality tests generally seem to rely on “self-reports”, which seems incredibly flawed and inaccurate. What if a person taking the test feels incredibly stressed? What if they’re feeling depressed? These factors seem as though they would contribute majorly to the results of a personality test. Is anyone ever really in a so called “normal” state? 

On the other hand, the fact that as humans we constantly change throughout life would also influence our “set” personality. For example, a child in their younger years may seem extremely extroverted, however as they progress into their teenage years, they may become very introverted. Our personality is consistently affected by outside influences, sickness and health, and of course our own experiences. This makes it hard to determine what your personality really “is” because it is clearly forever changing.

This is where I think it is also wrong to put labels on people that receive certain results on personality tests. Just because someone tests a certain way on a personality test does not mean they are necessarily that way. It’s almost like a stereotype which I think in many cases is used unfairly. I see this a lot in jobs where because a person receives certain results on a test, they are either not chosen for jobs or are moved into specific jobs because of their results. Generally, these results are inaccurate and can effect people in more ways that I originally thought.

Although all the statements I have made are quite broad…they are still worth thinking about! Feel free to comment what you think down below (I’m interested to hear anyones thoughts!) 

Big thanks to who wrote a whole post dedicated in reply to this one! Go check it out:


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